PAYG International Charges Lowered

Three’s PAYG customers from now are able to enjoy lower prices and a simpler way to telephone friends, family or colleagues overseas.

Three has slashed the price of international mobiles and landlines calls. PAYG customers are required to dial a short code and then the number of the party they wish to speak to with the added advantage of enjoying some of the fairest prices out there in the market.

These new tariffs result in calls to 25 key areas now being even more inexpensive. Tariffs commence from a mere 3p per minute to landlines or mobiles in India ; 2p per minute for Polish landlines; 3p a minute to mobiles and landlines in China; 4p a minute to Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines and lastly 6p per minute to Pakistani landlines.

When making landline and cell phone calls in the States this now costs only 3p, as do similar calls to Canada. Australian calls cost 3p per minute to landlines or 14p per minute to mobiles. Telephone calls to Ireland however are charged at 2p per minute to landlines and 14p per minute to mobiles. Placing calls to Germany will set you back 3p per minute to a landline or 12p per minute to a landline.

PAYG customers on Three are able to programme their most commonly-used foreign numbers, with the location’s prefix code, directly into their phones for quick use and this way they don’t have to type them in on every occasion when they phone.

This service has been functioning effectively since April of this year and because of its success it was decided to extend and enlarge the service by adding 13 brand new countries and better tariffs across the board.

In order to gain access to the service all PAYG clients are required to top-up their credit – something that already provides them with a load of free texts, free data allowances and free Three-to-Three calls – and just start calling out.

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